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Explore how

DelOs is an experience brand with a focus on combining herbal medicines with psilocybe mushrooms to facilitate entheogenic explorations.

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DelOs provides support to people suffering from chronic issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, and burnout.

Our products:

· are supportive, synergistic blends of medicinal plants and fungi
· contain .1mg / Psilocybin cubensis per capsule
· have powerful yet subtle effects on the mind and body

How can we best support the growing number of people suffering chronic issues like depression, anxiety, and cultural/societal burnout?

We need powerful yet subtle agents that can bring us back into alignment. Synergistic blends of plants and mushrooms come together in our powerful, supportive supplements that speak a subtle language, if we only listen carefully. Let DelOs attune you to the language of nature.


Minum 060



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